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Business services

    Z Business Management Consultants has developed in business services industry for more than 10 years, and has accumulated great advantages in the various areas of business services, which can be representative especially on financial management and control, and company formation.
On financial management and control
According to the knowledge and experience in Ten years, Z-business management consultants has stored a large number of talents in three areas: performance management, auditing, and accounting.
Firstly, in performance management, there are accountants with international concept in analyzing and planning, to get and implement the internal control, establish the accounting policy, plan and review the financing in the clients.
Secondly, auditing is the most important way to find questions in a company. We provide full audit to clients in a fixed period, and find the questions in accounting area, to reduce the lost by amending the questions.
Thirdly, our accounting outsourcing service is different with the traditional one. It is based on initiative accounting, which means analyzing the finance position of clients and communicating with clients initiatively to control the tax and expense in the operating, and keep the company running stably.
On company formation
Z business management consultants is the one of the leaders of incorporation formation industry in Shanghai. We helped to form thousands of companies in a year, and have serviced for oversea investors from twenties of countries and regions, including some TOP 500 companies. We have earned vast experiences in practice since founded. It has been prepared for various of situations in the incorporation procedures, to provide perfect services for the clients.
    We have experience on formation of Groups, stock corporation, limited partnership, private limited company, joint ventures, foreign invest company, foreign joint company, representative office, and offshore company etc…And we also provide all kinds of service on company alteration: alteration on shareholding, dissolving, address moving, and others in capital restructuring, like mergers and acquisitions.
Z business management consultants will provide professional services sincerely and regard highly.