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Business Management

        In dozen years, Z Business Management Consultants focuses on providing professional services to the investment to China from oversea. And Z-Business Management Consultants has provided a series of cooperation and consulting services, which are Strategic structure planning, System construction, Business investment consulting, investment projection, Accounting and Legislation services, to companies, Brands and global Groups in different industries and high street brands on domestic and oversea market.

        We try to help the entity and enterpriser to identify and catch the potential opportunities through providing the solution of management and operation problems. And this independent and professional consulting service can help to strengthen the learning and innovation inside the entity and to achieve the objectives of the entity. We will provide experienced and competent consultants to work inside the company with closing communication with the management, using scientific methods, finding out the key problems in the operation, analyzing in quality and quantity, identifying the reasons, and providing implementable plan, to guild the plan and make the company developing stably.

        According to the business environment of China, and based on the principles and advanced concept from the famous “Big Four” international business management consultants companies, after deeply researching and analyzing on numerous SMEs, Ze-business management consultants generates a set of management methods belonged to ourselves: <The Implementation of internal control on Financial of Small and Micro Enterprises> and <The Solutions for Accounting of long distance controlled Companies>, which provides a low cost basement for the Small and Micro Enterprises to solve the questions of management causing from the development and survival of the enterprises, to ensure the owner of the company can control the actual operating of the business remotely, effectively, and in a long-term, and to greatly help companies passing the bottleneck.

        Ze-business management consultants also has widely cooperation with social resources and government departments. We used to have good collaboration with more than 30 departments in Pudong, Jinshan, Qingpu, Xuhui, Putuo, Nanhui, Minhang, Baoshan, Hongkou districts in Shanghai.